Peltor SportTac Ear Defenders


The Peltor SportTac allows you to better control what you hear – and don’t hear. You can easily adjust the volume of surrounding sounds, filter out certain unwanted frequencies and still be protected from harmful noise levels when the shot is taken.

The Peltor SportTac is a level dependent hearing protector meaning it listens to the surrounding but eliminates loud harmful noise. The headset attenuates 26dB and has surround microphones that captures external sound with great accuracy. The sound is analysed at ultra-high speed before it reaches your ear. Weak sounds are amplified while noise, including sudden loud noises like a gun shot, is reduced to a harmless level. The unique digital sound circuit reacts instantaneously, protecting your hearing but so softly, so that you rarely hear the clip as the protection is activated.

These are an excellent choice for shooters who like or need to hear background noise but still need protection from harmful gun shot. Perfect in the pigeon hide or on the driven shoot.

Peltor SportTac Ear Defenders

  • SNR: 26dB
  • Weight: 318g
  • Active electronic protection
  • Bevelled cup increases comfort for shooting
  • Liquid & foam sealing rings for improved comfort
  • Large space inside cup helps reduce moisture and heat build-up
  • Soft wide cushions help reduce pressure around the ears and improve comfort and wearability

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