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We sell a broad range of Hull Cartridges from our shop near Droitwich in Worcestershire, WR9 0NS. Hull Cartridges produce a quality range of cartridges that have excellent reliability and consistency for both game shooting and clay shooting sports.

Game Loads...

Drive Grouse: A copper coated pellet that gives the shot the ability to hold its pattern more efficiently through the gun chokes. A fast and smooth load with modest recoil. If you spend good money on grouse shooting then you want to get the best out of the day with a quality cartridge.

Imperial Game: A previous "Game Cartridge of the year" as voted by The Field, Shooting Gazette, Sporting Gun, Shooting Times. A light recoil with smooth action but providing a hard hitting impact. Perfect for English guns with smaller chambers.

High Pheasant: As the name suggests a quality cartridge for your pheasant days. Ther hardened shot reduces pellet deformation giving uniform dense patterns that lead to consistency at longer range. Fast and smooth with moderate recoil.

High Pheasant Extreme: The cartridge for high pheasant days when you need the extra hitting power for those exceptional birds. Excellent patterning at extended ranges with a high impact. A very popular cartridge for shots who need a load to humanely hit birds at the limits of range.

Steel Game: An affordable non-toxic cartridge for wildfowl. The cartridge has a special wad designed specifically for steel shot that helps to protect the gun barrel and give consistent patterns over distance. Moderate to firm recoil.

Superfast Pigeon: A hard hitting, affordable cartridge that is semi-auto friendly. With a moderate recoil and very consistent pattern this is a real workhorse for those long days decoying over crops. With a fibre wad you will keep the landowner happy and have a great day's sport as well.

Clay Loads...

Comp X: A great all-round clay cartridge for practice and for simulated driven days. winner of Clay Cartridge of the Year previously. Modest recoil, fibre wad.

Superfast: A hard hitting cartridge with excellent speed giving impressive down-range performance. Cycles well with semi-autos. Firm recoil.

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