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We sell a wide range of Gamebore Cartridges from our shop near Droitwich in Worcestershire, WR9 0NS. Gamebore Cartridges produce a quality range of cartridges that have excellent reliability and consistency for both game shooting and clay shooting sports.

Game Loads...

Dark Storm Game: The very cutting edge in performance cartridges is taken even further with Dark Storm and combines the most technologically advanced components to deliver unsurpassed knock-down power even at extreme range that has become synonymous with the Black Gold name and with discerning game shooters who demand the very best.

Black Gold Game: A high performance game cartridge with a reputation second to none amongst game shooters for its unrivalled performance. Powered by the latest F2 powder technology and featuring Gamebore's Diamond shot to hold patterns tighter at long range and the Gordon Recoil Reduction System to cut recoil by 15% compared to other 'high performance' loads on the market.

Regal Game: The all new Regal cartridge is a true 2.5" (65mm) game cartridge incorporating all the latest technology and performance of its 2 3/4" cousins to give the game shooter the edge over old 'traditional' 2.5" loads. Loaded in a new high quality red case with a nickel head for clean ejection and Diamond shot in true English sizes for perfect patterns, this takes the traditional game cartridge to the next level.

Game & Wetland Steel: 12g Super Steel. This high velocity Steel load is suitable for use in standard 2 ¾” chambered guns in shot sizes 4 and 5.

Pigeon Extreme: The Pigeon Extreme load has been developed in conjunction with George Digweed MBE, to provide the ultimate in performance and to deliver high velocity downrange where it matters the most with superior shot patterns, and hard hitting knock-down power thanks to our unique, precision made Diamond shot.

Clear Pigeon: The new and improved Clear Pigeon, re-developed with the help of pigeon shooting expert Andy Crow. It is specifically designed and developed with the pigeon shooter in mind to provide high a quality cartridge at a competitive price without sacrificing on performance, patterns or knockdown. Tested for use in semi-auto guns.

Velocity HV Pigeon: The all new Gamebore Velocity+ HV Pigeon has been specifically designed as a quality pigeon load but at a very competitive price and with a full 30gr load of Gamebore's exclusive precision made Lead shot. Tested for use in semi-auto guns.

Clay Loads...

Velocity Plus: Gamebore believe that entry level cartridges shouldn't be made by sacrificing quality or performance - ever. All new Velocity + takes our entry level clay cartridge to another level with Vectan AS powder and their precision made shot, this is a budget cartridge which punches way above its weight to deliver patterns and performance far above its price range. Available with plastic or fibre wads.

DTL Elite: New DTL Elite is a carefully crafted load designed to give the ultimate in consistency, performance, recoil and patterns for this demanding discipline. Using Gamebore manufactured, Diamond lead shot coupled with our unique plastic wad system, careful pattern testing and guidance during development from leading DTL shooters means nothing has been left to chance in providing the ultimate DTL cartridge.

White Gold: Used by twenty-six times World Champion George Digweed MBE this is simply THE champions choice and a clay cartridge with a reputation second to none. The most serious of shooters put their faith in White Gold to provide the very best in terms of patterns, performance and quality with smooth recoil and devastating kills.

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